Drivers in London can avoid traffic congestion after Transport for London (TfL) launched a website that gives live updates on traffic.

The TfL website has installed 170 "jam cams" as well as information about incidents and roadworks on particular routes. They have also launched a Twitter feed which will provide up-to-date traffic information.

"Technology now allows us to put a wealth of information at motorists' fingertips," the BBC quoted Garrett Emmerson, chief operating officer for surface transport at TfL, as saying.

"Those who know their route well can now pre-empt any congested area by checking online before they set out on their journey, or - when safe - take advantage of our @TfLTrafficNews Twitter feed for advance warning of any congestion ahead," he added.

TfL to pick London Tube Wi-Fi provider

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that the winner of the bid to provide Wi-Fi services to the London Underground network will be announced in the spring.

The wireless service should be complete and working by the time of the Olympic Games, which take place in the capital this summer. The winner of the bid will have exclusive rights to provide Wi-Fi at 120 stations on the network.

The supplier will host and maintain a service that will allow travellers to access web content, with travel information, entertainment, news and sports sites for free. While the services will not be available on trains, it will be available at stations situated deep underground, where mobile signals are currently unavailable.