Popular caller ID app Truecaller has introduced a series of new features through its latest update — version 7.0 — on Android including smart call history, availability status and a built-in dialler. The update highlights the Stockholm-based company's move to slowly phase out its Truedialer app and shift some of its key features into its main Truecaller app.

"In 2014, we launched Truedialer to bring similar improvements to the dialer, which had not evolved since the introduction of the smartphone. Truecaller is now bringing many of the great features from Truedialer and integrating them into Truecaller, giving you full control of your entire calling experience with just one app," the Swedish startup said in a blog post on 8 March.

The new update's smart call history feature replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in your call history within the app, allowing you to skip the process of saving a contact onto your device's phonebook.

First introduced to the Truedialer app in September 2014, the availability status feature has also been added to Truecaller and shows you if a friend is available to talk or not. The availability status will be set to green if your friend is free and red if they are connected to another call. However, this feature will only work if your friend has Truecaller installed on their device as well.

The update also includes a built-in dialler feature that lets you make calls directly from within the Truecaller app, rather than having you switch out and use your device's basic dialler to make a call.

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Posted by Truecaller on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Launched in 2009 out of Stockholm, Sweden, Truecaller is a crowd-sourced caller ID service that lets users screen calls, flag rogue callers and spam, block them or add a name to a number so that anyone who downloads the app can see who's calling them as well. The app has attracted more than 100 million downloads so far, according to a blog post in January.

The latest update comes just weeks after the company launched its first software development kit (SDK) that allows registered third-party apps to sign up new users with their existing Truecaller profile and verified phone number.

The update is currently available for download on Google Play and will reach all users in the next few weeks.