Body language experts have spent hours pouring over footage of Donald Trump's handshakes, and now they have a new one to analyse.

In the latest round of power plays between Trump and French Pesident Emmanuel Macron, the pair may have taken part in one of the longest shakes ever, with neither willing to let go.

As Trump prepared to leave Paris, he was making his goodbyes to Macron and his wife Brigitte when the extraordinary handshake began.

The pair are walking together when they begin the handshake, Trump then taps Macron's hand, but the gesture continues.

With his free hand, Macron rather awkwardly points to something for Trump to look at, all the while continuing with the handshake.

Macron taps Trump's shoulder and the pair move in closer, bringing their chests close to each other.

They talk for a few seconds with hands still clenched tight before Brigitte is brought into the equation.

She kisses Trump, while he is still shaking her husband's hand.

Trump then, with his free hand, engages Mrs Macron in a handshake too, simultaneously shaking the hands of both Macrons at once.

After some vigorous hand shaking the threesome eventually disengage. This was followed by another, albeit shorter, handshake.

The entire handshake, from the moment Trump and Macron's hands touch lasts roughly 30 seconds.

Trump was in Paris for the Bastille Day military parade, which involved a performance from an army band which left Trump unamused.

Their first handshake in June caught the headlines with Macron unwilling to let go despite Trump having released his grip.

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump
Donald Trump (R) is greeted by French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of their meeting at the Elyse Palace ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images