Cleopatra VII Philopator, one of the most famous Egyptian queens who has inspired several modern works of art is believed to have died by committing suicide. The mystery behind her death and her missing tomb remains one of the most intriguing subjects for archaeologists and historians.

Now, after 2000 years, archaeologists may have finally found Cleopatra's resting place. A site located at Egypt's Nile Delta may hold the clues to the mystery of ancient Pharaoh's tomb. According to Science Channel, the findings of the archaeological research will be made in a special two-hour documentary titled "Cleopatra: Sex, Lies, and Secrets."

The experts will seek out the latest ground-breaking archaeological research to unravel the mystery behind the ancient ruler of one of the greatest empires in the world, the Ptolemaic Kingdom. According to the press release, the experts go after seeking the truth about the "new theory about Cleopatra's burial ground introduced by archaeologist Dr. Kathleen Martinez, suggesting her tomb may be found in a place known as Taposiris Magna."

The Taposiris Magna has been the focus of archaeologists studying Egyptian history. The place is believed to have been built 2000 years ago and hosts several mysterious hidden passages and tombs. While exploring the site, the experts came across "an undisturbed tomb decorated in gold leaf" which is believed to hold clues to the queen's final resting place. The tomb is believed to hold hints to her life and death that remains largely unknown.

"The special will follow experts' meticulous archaeology and the cutting-edge technology to reveal the secrets of Cleopatra's life. Their findings revolutionize our understanding of who she was and how she lived," read the press release.

Cleopatra was born in early 69 BC in Alexandria's Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and was the last active ruler of the empire. She ruled ancient Egypt for almost three decades with her father, her younger brothers, and her son, according to She was known for her ingenuity, exotic beauty, and powers of seduction. Before her tragic love story with Mark Antony, she is believed to have several romantic alliances including Julius Caesar.

It was after the defeat in the Battle of Actium, Cleopatra fled to Egypt deserting the fleet. After meeting with the Octavian, the victorious ruler, she locked herself in the chamber where she took her last breath. Even though the real truth about her death remains a mystery, several writers advocate the theory that she committed suicide by getting bitten by a poisonous snake. And her body is believed to have been buried with her lover Mark Antony, who died before her after listening to the rumour of her death and falling on his sword.

Queen Cleopatra and King Philip
Newborn child of Queen Cleopatra and King Philip II of Macedonia Antonis Bartsiokas

Produced for Science Channel by Arrow Media, Handel Productions and Rezolution Pictures, "Cleopatra: Sex, Lies, and Secrets" aims to demystify the hidden truth. It premieres on Sunday, June 21 at 8:00 pm.