Last-ditch talks to avoid a 24-hour tube strike on the London Underground have failed. The RMT union say discussions to avert industrial action have broken down, meaning the strike will continue as planned from Sunday 6pm until Monday, 9 January.

It means almost all of the Zone 1 stations will be closed and the rest of the network will be severely affected.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) reportedly walked out of talks today, Saturday, 7 January.

John Leach, of the RMT,said talks failed to bring a resolution between all parties. Station staff are striking over plans to slash almost 900 jobs. He said the London Underground's offer was "a woeful, inadequate response to a crisis".

"We've been in with ACAS and London Underground all week long and basically their position hasn't moved all the way through," he told Sky News. "Last year they withdrew 830 plus jobs from the frontline, uniformed station staff. They de-staffed station control rooms and that has left a very dangerous and unsafe situation."

TSSA general Manuel Cortes stayed at ACAS and an official statement is due shortly.

A TSSA source, however, told the broadcaster: "We really are more concerned about working out how to undo the staffing and safety problems Boris Johnson and George Osborne bequeathed to the Tube.

"Resolving these issues so staff can work in a safe place and know they've got procedures in place to protect and keep safe their passengers are what concern our overworked, overtired and over-abused Tube staff."