Turkey Syria shelling
A Turkish town has been struck by mortar fire from Syria John Moore/Getty Images

At least two people, including a child, have been killed as shells fired from Syria landed inside Turkish territory. Local authorities reported that up to eight rockets fired from across the border struck the southern town of Kilis.

Some exploded over empty lands but at least three hit residential areas, killing two people and injuring two more, Kilis mayor Hasan Kaya was quoted as saying by local media. One of the fatalities was a four-year-old child.

Images from the scene showed smoke rising from the city as people in the streets scrambled for shelter in panic. A video posted online by the state-owned broadcaster TRT World showed its journalist Francis Collings ducking for cover as a rocket exploded behind him during a live report.

The blasts were initially believed to have been caused by mortar shells. Authorises however later said rockets, which have a longer range, had been used. It was not immediately clear which group was behind the incident. The Islamic State (Isis), Kurdish forces and other rebels groups all control swathes of land across the border in Syria.

Kilis is located opposite to the Syrian city of Azaz, where Kurdish militants have battled other opposition groups in recent weeks. Turkish media pointed the finger at IS (Deash), which controls terrorises about 15km to the east, amid reports that Turkey's military was targeting the group's positions with artillery fire.