Hackers attacked Turkish police's sites forcing shutdown of all servers
Hackers attacked Turkish police's sites last week, forcing shutdown of all servers (Redhackers.org) Redhackers.org

Members of the Red Hackers Association (RHA) have released data stolen from Turkey's police network and the Ankara police directorate on Pastebin.

The hackers' attack forced the police to shut down all servers. The RHA seized data related to informants, complaints and other correspondence.

"Our action is legitimate and it is retaliation against the imperialism that has recently turned our region into a prison and against its 'green'('ye$')military," read a statement by the group.

According to the independent news website Bianet, complaints published by RHA demonstrate "the sensitivity of worried citizens".

The RHA is a politically motivated online Marxist group founded in 1997 that uses "defacement hacking" to "raise awareness of the poor against the elite that tries to strip our rights and freedoms", the group says on its website.

They also attack and delete all files from sites that "belong to fascists, individuals that are the enemies of the people, government, legal parties" and so on.