Catherine Bury, also known as Anne, was believed to have been celebrating her birthday at the time of the shooting (Facebook)
Catherine Bury, also known as Anne, was believed to have been celebrating her birthday at the time of the shooting (Facebook)

The British woman shot dead while on holiday in Turkey is believed to have been the victim of a "crime of passion".

Catherine Anne Bury, 56, was shot dead while celebrating her birthday with her family in the resort of Dalyan. Her son Alex, 24, and mother Cecile, 87, were also shot and injured in the attack.

The alleged gunman, 46-year-old gardener Veli Acar, was reportedly having a relationship with Bury and shot her in a jealous rage after seeing her with another man.

Acar was arrested by police the day before the shooting after allegedly making death threats against the family following an argument at their holiday villa. However he returned after he was released the following day, armed with a shotgun.

Speaking from his bed at the Mugla University Hospital, where he is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg, Bury's son told The Times he saw Acar approaching with his gun and tried to reason with him, telling him "it didn't have to be this way".

He added: "He lifted the gun to his shoulder and he gestured for me to go through to my mother and grandmother's room. They had heard me talking and had locked themselves in the room."

His mother is believed to have locked herself in the bathroom of the villa to hide from Acar. However he is alleged to have blown through the lock and shot her four times.

Acar then gave himself up to police, reportedly telling them the shooting was a "crime of passion".

Acar is said to be attempting to avoid a murder charge by pleading diminished responsibility, because he lost control in his jealous rage.

Bury's mother has been released from hospital after she was shot in the back.

Tributes have been paid to the 56-year-old Bury, from Swainby near Northallerton in North Yorkshire, who went by the name Anne.

Neighbour Stephen Garbet described her as an "incredibly friendly and nice person", adding: "I can't imagine that she would ever do anything that could offend someone.

"In all the years they have lived there I have never heard her raise her voice or get angry. I can't understand how something like this has happened."

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism said: "The chief suspect has been arrested and is currently under custody, while a full investigation is under way.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office added: "We are providing consular assistance to the family."