Twerk Thief
The thief twerked like Miley Cyrus before breaking into the Brooklyn property (Reuters)

Police are trying to trace a thief who twerked for over an hour outside a property before her accomplice broke in and burgled an apartment.

In an astonishing video, the woman indulges in a long twerking session outside the front of the building in the Clinton Hills district of Brooklyn, while she waits for her accomplice to show up.

The victim of the burglary, Lindsay Riddle, watched the footage after returning home to find that valuables had been stolen from her home.

"The interesting part was what happened before the break-in, in which the woman proceeded to twerk outside our building for an entire hour," she said.

"Rest breaks were had, but she got right back up and dropped it like it was hot, oftentimes on the lap of the man."

She told the Gothamist: "Her endurance was rather impressive.

"A couple of my neighbours walked into the building and she'd stop momentarily and then start up hardcore as soon as their backs were to her.

"Beware Brooklyn, there's a twerking thief on the loose."