When Donald Trump is sworn into office on Friday (20 January 2017), he will become the first US president with no political or military experience in any capacity. However, this is not the only reason why Trump's presidency could be distinct from those of his 44 predecessors.

Ahead of his swearing in, IBTimes UK looks at what else could make the former businessman's term in the White House unique.

Political historian Professor Matthew Dallek believes that there are aspects of Trump and his philosophy that could make his leadership a departure from what went before.

He said: "There are aspects of Trump and Trumpism that are distinct, you could even say unprecedented.

"We've never had a president-elect use Twitter and social media in this way. And I think that it is unusual, if not unprecedented in modern times, to have somebody coming into the White House who so explicitly pushed buttons of race and racism – and some would say misogyny – and the anti-Muslim and anti-immigration buttons that he pushed."

The Associate Professor at George Washington University added: "The last thing that I think is distinct is this question about Russia, and Russia's intervention in the election to help him. We've never had it done, certainly by a foreign power, in quite this way, and with quite the effect that it had."

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line the streets of Washington, DC on Friday to see Trump and his running mate Mike Pence be sworn into office. A number of large protests and rallies are also planned in the US capital on the day, both for and against the incoming administration.