Ed Sheeran and Beyonce have surprised fans with a brand new single in which they put a new spin on Perfect, a track from Sheeran's latest album Divide. Perfect Duet features the pair singing a verse each before dueting on the final chorus.

If Sheeran's involvement wasn't enough to ensure the new single's success (following the release of his latest album earlier this year, every song on it was in the UK Top 20) Queen Bey's means it's not just a likely chart-topper, but a potential Christmas No.1 as well.

A video for the original, album version of the track was released just a few weeks ago in early November, and has since been viewed more than 175 million times on YouTube.

Perfect Duet released last night (30 November), giving fans plenty of time to listen to it repeatedly and offer their verdicts on social media.

To the surprise of nobody, the acoustic version of a romantic ballad featuring the two most bankable pop stars of recent years has proven quite popular, with many eagerly pointing out how apt they believe the song's title to be.

Ed Sheeran Beyonce
Ed Sheeran and Beyonce performing together. Getty Images