Democrats were celebrating across the board on Tuesday night (7 November) following a series of electoral successes.

One year after the election of Donald Trump as president, the series of votes in various states were seen as a judgement of his presidency so far.

Dems took back the governorship of New Jersey, but in an even bigger surprise, they managed to comfortably gain Virginia.

But one loss for the Republicans was celebrated in particular on social media.

One of Virginia's most socially conservative lawmakers Bob Marshall, who attempted to introduce a "bathroom bill" that would have discriminated against transgender individuals, was beaten in his seat by one of the nation's first openly transgender elected officials

Marshall, who has described himself as Virginia's "chief homophobe", lost to Danica Roem, a transgender Democrat who has opposed many of the policies the Republican has long stood for.

Celebrating her win, Roem said: "Discrimination is a disqualifier. This is about the people of the 13th District disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias... where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it."

On social media, people took to Twitter and were loving Marshall's defeat.

Volpinator1 said: "I love this so hard! Fine work to everyone who voted in favour of humanity and respect tonight."

DrDanRatner said: "to have a little encouragement after such a discouraging last election. Some bright spots all year, though."

Robert Walden said: "This is startling. VA more secure and enlightened than much of America. Good for them!"

And Dave Logan simply said: "Karma is sweet."