Annoyed with the blue dot notification that displays when Twitter has a new Moment for you? Then here is some good news for you: Twitter says the blue dot notification will now appear less frequently.

Earlier in October, Twitter introduced a new feature called Moments that helps you find the best tweets just by tapping an icon, regardless who you are following. Just tap on the new lightning bolt tab on your phone to see a list of favourite Moments. It keeps updating as new stories appears. You can also swipe through topics including Entertainment and Sports.

The feature was initially rolled out to users in the US across all platforms – Android, iOS and the desktop Twitter client. But a Moment can be shared anywhere. When you discover a link to a Moment in a Tweet, DM or, embedded elsewhere, you can share it even if you are outside the US. Twitter promised for a wider availability of this functionality in the coming weeks and months.

Unfortunately, soon after the rollout it caused an outrage among users, as the Moments tab that collects tweets and new stories, keeps displays blue dot. This blue dot is for the unread notifications in the app, and with Twitter keep refreshing the Moments with new content, the blue dot shows up.

Thankfully, Twitter now says, based on user's feedback it has listened to, the blue dot will not be a reason for headache anymore as it will appear less frequently. Although, it failed to detail on how oftenly the dot will show up.