After Twitter decided to change its favourite icon from a star to a heart, it sent users of the social media site up in arms. Suffice to say, the new icon did not get much love. But there is an easy way to change the cringeworthy heart icon back to a less embarrassing star, or even an emoji.

If you are using Twitter through a Chrome or Firefox browser, you can download a clever add-on to change your heart back into the star or a mug of beer, or smiley face emoji. The free extension, called Stylish, allows users to restyle the web by adding themes or skins to many sites. All you have to do is download it from either the Google Chrome Store or Add-ons for Firefox and follow these instructions as discovered by Robert McNees:

1. Go to Twitter and open the Stylish extension

2. In the main box of the extension copy and paste this code into it:

.HeartAnimationContainer {

visibility: hidden;


.HeartAnimationContainer:after {

content: '★';

visibility: visible;

display: block;

position: absolute;


3. In the 'applies to' box make sure it says

4. Hit save, then refresh your Twitter page and you'll see the changes.

You'll have to ensure the line below .HeartAnimationContainer { and the four lines below .HeartAnimationContainer:after { are indented by four spaces. Also ensure the commas around the new star icon are straight commas, not curly ones.

Here's how it should look:

How to change Twitter heart icon

If you want to add an emoji of your liking to replace the heart then all you have to do is copy and paste an emoji into the commas where the star is. To get your emoji, you can find them at a website such as Here you can use anything from food and drink icons to animals and faces to tweet to your heart's content.

While it may come as a relief to not see your feed full of soppy hearts, it is worth noting this is only something that applies to the computer you use the browser extension on. Login to another computer and you will see hearts. This fix also will not work on Twitter's mobile app.

If you have a change of heart and discover you actually quite like the new icon then simply remove/delete the browser extension.