Social media giant Twitter has introduced anti-abuse tools for its users, many of whom have been facing trolls for years now. Users can now limit the notifications they see to only people they follow which basically removes any tweets from random strangers and those who abuse or harass.

"We're introducing some new features that will give you more control over what you see and who you interact with on Twitter, rolling out to everyone in the coming days," says a blog post by the company.

If trolls have been bothering you for a while now, you can turn on the new filter to keep unwanted users at bay. Additionally, Twitter is expanding the usage of its quality filter which it has been testing on verified uses since last year. The feature promises to "improve the quality of Tweets" one sees by using factors like account origin and behaviour to bring up worthy content only. For instance, turning on the filter will ensure that tweets that are duplicate or content that appears to be automated will not be prominent on your timeline or notifications.

Turning on the filters will obviously not filter content from people you already follow or accounts you've recently interacted with. Based on your preferences, these settings can be changed anytime from the notifications settings.

Twitter had been accused for a long time of failing to address the issue of abuse and threats with only verified users enjoying more privileges so far. With the new filters, Twitter's loyal users will not feel left out and be able to handle trolls more effectively. Additionally, the social media giant has been engaged in taking down extremist and propaganda accounts that incite violence or issue terror threats of any kind.