The existence of alien life and UFO sightings are the two subjects that have been speculated enormously. For decades, several researchers, UFO enthusiasts, and scientists have presented theories and claims suggesting the existence of extraterrestrial beings, but we still don't have a definite answer. Meanwhile, a UFO enthusiast claims that he has found "100 percent proof of the existence of aliens watching over earth," from an image taken by NASA's Discovery Space Shuttle.

UFO observer and alien life researcher Scott Waring made an interesting discovery of the existence of alien life in Earth's orbit from a photo that belongs to NASA's archive. On his blog ET Database, he writes about the supposed unidentified object that he describes as "black lightning bolt UFO." He claims that he has never viewed anything of this shape and deems it rare.

"I was searching through NASA archive photo and saw this beautiful moon photo taken from the Shuttle Discovery," Waring wrote on his blog.

At first, he just thought that it was a "beautiful moon photo" taken by NASA's Discovery. Apparently, what he claims to be the 100 percent proof, unravelled when he enlarged the photo and zoomed into it.

"I enlarged it and put it into autofocus and found something amazing. There was a black lightning bolt UFO in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. I have never ever reported a UFO of this shape. It's very rare and unlike anything I had come to expect. And yet, there it is, above the sunset clouds in earth's orbit on a NASA website," he explained.

"This is 100% proof of the existence of intelligent aliens watching over earth," he goes on to claim.

According to Express, the image was shot during the Space Shuttle Discovery STS 39 mission in April 1991. In a video explanation, using photo editor Photoscape X, Waring explains his discovery. He suggests that the UFO looks like "orbiting 138 miles above South America." The mission that lasted eight days captured moon-clouds may have neglected this object.

The video was also shared on his YouTube channel with a title: "Lightning Bolt UFO Seen From Space Shuttle, UFO Sighting News." The video received mixed reactions. While some praised him for his discovery, others responded disapprovingly.

People dressed as aliens
372049 05: Groups dressed as aliens ride through downtown Roswell, New Mexico July 1, 2000 as they participate in the annual UFO Encounter, which runs through July 4, 2000. The annual festival stems from a mysterious crash northwest of Roswell in 1947. The Army initially said it was a UFO crash, but quickly backed off that report. The Pentagon has since said it was a top-secret balloon crash, but UFO enthusiasts don''t believe that story, which gives rise to what has become known as the 'Roswell Incident'. Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

In the meantime, UFO sightings and alien life remain one of the most researched subjects that has led to incredible conspiracy theories, but scientists continue to find certain answers related to the mysterious objects.