UFO Spotted in Australia
UFO ppotted in Australia (YouTube/ORBTRACKER)

An amateur photographer has captured images of a large, spherical and luminous Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over Empire Bay in Australia. Ironically, he spotted the object on World UFO Day.

"I have seen many unexplained things in the Central Coast skies, but most recently, on Tuesday night I observed and photographed a large luminous ball shaped object over Empire Bay," amateur photographer Drew Ryan told the Daily Telegraph.

"The ball changed colour several times until it went orange, and then it moved slowly across the sky to hover over Woy Woy for some time," Ryan said, adding, "This was the fifth time I have seen this same object in the Central Coast skies in the past couple of months."

Ryan, who has worked with several UFO groups and is considered an expert, said he was not the only person to have sighted the strange object.

"I drove to Staples lookout to try to get a better view and some people there told me it had appeared pear-shaped to them," he explained.

Describing himself as an ex-military man, Ryan said most unusual objects in the sky could be explained but insisted that some sightings and reports could not.

The number of UFO sightings around the world appears to be on the rise, with Canada believed to be leading that race. Experts are cautious about the rising numbers, believing a simple increase in the number of sky gazers could account for the figures. Others believe the numbers could also reflect increased drone (military or civilian) activity.

A recent mass UFO sighting in Brazil, for instance, turned out to be a drone operated by a local news channel.

Judge for yourself - watch the video recorded by Drew Ryan here:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/ORBTRACKER]