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45th President of the United States Donald Trump Reuters

UK's Home Office is warning its tech staff and contractors not to tweet or retweet any negative posts about US President Donald Trump.

An email accessed by The Register outlines the office's social media guidance and warns its staff to be careful about what they put out from their accounts.

"Accounts are stating that they work for the Home Office, posting HO work, whilst tweeting or retweeting negative posts about, for example, [US President] Donald Trump," says the guidance email. "We need to be careful here and ensure all our staff are following this guidance which reflects the Civil Service Code," it added.

It addresses the department's Digital, Data and Technology unit by citing how a quick look through a couple of its workers' personal twitter accounts shows they are not compliant. The email further goes on to say the new guidance applies to all staff including contractors and temporary employees.

The staff are advised under the guidance to avoid commenting on politically controversial issues, official government positions or give personal opinions about the organisation. The Home Office has not issued any public statement so far regarding the same.

Meanwhile in the US, the Department of Homeland Security is currently using software to scan social media accounts of people visiting the United States which activists has called as an "extreme vetting" method under the Trump administration.