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Police said there is 'heightened concern' about the risk to the UK's Jewish communities Reuters

Police are to increase their patrols in British Jewish communities following "heightened concerns" in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, counter-terrorism police have said.

Mark Rowley, the national police lead for counter-terrorism, said police will be looking to heighten security following recent "anti-Semitic rhetoric from extremists".

The terror attacks in Paris left 17 people dead, including four Jewish people in a Kosher supermarket following a siege.

Rowley said that while the UK remains alert for a potential attack in other communities, police feel it is necessary to let those involved know when they have "particular concerns".

He said: "The global picture of terrorist activity does give us heightened concern about the risk to the Jewish community in the UK. We are seeing continuing anti-Semitic rhetoric from extremists and attacks on this community in France and elsewhere. In addition to our existing security measures, we are in dialogue with Jewish Community leaders about further actions that we will be taking, including more patrols in key areas.

"We remain alert to the vulnerabilities of other communities. Where we do have particular concerns, we make these known to those involved. For example, we continue to be alive to those who want to exploit the current situation and create fear in our Muslim communities, with whom we work closely, to offer our protection and reassurance."

Rowley also announced there were 327 terror-related arrests in the UK in 2014, an increase of 32% from 2013.

He added: "The UK has been at a heightened level of threat from international terrorism for some years now. We have seen attacks in a number of countries, including France, Australia and Canada over the last few months, and in Belgium last night. We have also been working with security services to investigate a variety of threats and to disrupt a number of different plots to undertake attacks here."

Last August, Home Secretary Theresa May announced the terror threat level in the UK had risen to "severe", suggesting an attack is "highly likely".

Jewish charity Community Security Trust (CST) said while they are not aware of any specific threat, they had received "an unprecedented number of calls" in the wake of the Paris shooting.

A spokesperson said: "We hope that the increased police presence, alongside CST patrols, will help to reassure the Jewish community as they go about their lives during this difficult time."