Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is almost as unpopular as Donald Trump among UK voters, a poll released by GfK on Tuesday (28 March) suggested.

The online survey, of more than 1,900 people between 1 and 15 March, found that just 17% of respondents approved of the job Corbyn is doing as leader of the opposition, while 58% disapproved.

The same poll revealed that 18% of the British electorate thought Trump was doing a good job as US President, while 60% disapproved.

"Whilst Donald Trump's approval rating among British adults will be the least of the President's worries following his healthcare struggles last week, it will be of great concern to Labour supporters that Jeremy Corbyn's approval rating among Brits is no better," said Keiran Pedley, a research director for GfK.

"With Theresa May clearly more popular than the government as a whole and the Conservatives significantly ahead in the polls, it looks like Labour is a long way from power".

The latest national opinion poll from YouGov for The Times, of more than 1,600 people between 20 and 21 March, put the Conservatives 16 points ahead of Labour (41% versus 25%). Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey has given Corbyn 15 months to turn the polls around.

"I think it will give us an answer. In the meantime Unite as we always do – because we're the biggest affiliate – will support the Labour Party," he told BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday.

The research also found that a majority of UK voters (46%) thought the Brexit vote was the "right decision", while 41% thought it was the "wrong decision" and 13% "didn't know".

The poll comes just a day before May plans to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start two-year-long Brexit talks with the EU.

Corbyn, meanwhile, has faced a number of job losses from his top team, including former media spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousins, trade union liaison officer Nancy Platts and stakeholder engagement manager Jayne Fisher.