A private school in South Yorkshire has apologised for an offensive video posted on TikTok last week by a group of its students. The video featured six students from Hill House in Doncaster bragging about their wealth and elite lifestyle while waving wads of cash to the tune of Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys.

The video clip has come under heavy fire from social media users. In it, the students flash their Gucci loafers, Macbook Pros and iPhone 11s while showing off the crest and name of their school several times.

As the rap song continues to talk about their fat trust funds and how they live off daddy's cash, the students flaunt their Burberry scarves and flex their expensive watches on camera.

The rap song that was used is a popular audio on TikTok that private schoolers have taken to as a means to make jokes about their wealth. This latest version from the Hill House students is a recreation of an ongoing trend that was started by another group of private school students called the Riot Boys.

Hill House said the students' post was in bad taste and did not represent the "tone or demographic" of the institution. However, they explained it was meant to be a satire of a popular TikTok challenge.
But netizens did not make it easy on the students after the video went viral and they continue to slam the embarrassing behaviour.

A statement released on Sunday from Hill House said, "It has come to our notice that regrettably a small number of our sixth form students have posted a video online which was filmed at our school. Albeit we understand the video was intended to be a satire of a currently very popular TikTok challenge, we feel it is in bad taste and in no way reflects the wonderful community of Hill House School, either in tone or demographic."

"We would therefore like to apologise for any offence caused and are assured that the students involved understand its potentially offensive content and have deleted the original post from all social media platforms."

Video-sharing app TikTok has grown its user base to an estimated one billion, many of them young smartphone users Photo: AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE