In an interesting turn of events, a transgender man with a gay partner has given birth to a baby girl in the UK. The man was born female and later changed to a man in his teens.

When the man announced his pregnancy, it came as a shock to his partner Jason.

"When Paul woke me that morning it was a huge shock. I was panicked and scared. We had spoken about the fact he could get pregnant because he still had female reproductive organs and used monthly testosterone shots to aid his masculine appearance. I thought children were perhaps something for the future, not six months after we'd met. Of course we were very much in love, but the consequences of having a baby together were huge." Jason was quoted as saying to The Sun.

Jason met his partner and realized that he was having anatomical differences.

"We were sitting outside when he said there was something he had to tell me. He said he wasn't like other men, that he was transgender and had transitioned from female to male in his late teens. Previously he was a straight woman. I was very shocked but didn't show it. I think I coped quite well. At first I thought I would struggle because Paul had a female body, but I now think gender is more perceived than physical. I was very attracted to him and never saw him as anything other than male. It was more about the way he acted than anything else." Jason told The Sun.

The couple started living together after three months of dating. But now post-pregnancy, the duo has split, even though both are excited to be parents.