The massive My Little Pony collection of a 27-year-old woman has set her back £20,000, all just for those cute and colourful toys.

Video editor Beatrice Salt's penchant for these adorable ponies has already led her to dip into her house deposit but there are simply no regrets. She told The Sun that her collection is taking up 75 percent of her study, which she calls the "pony room" instead of calling it the "office." She narrated that she has 39 shelves full of My Little Pony stuff, which ranges from toys, books, toy castles, skates, and a whole lot more.

The woman confessed that when she was still studying, she used to get bullied and she found comfort in her collection.

"It was kind of therapy for me. I never used to tell anyone about it but now I know it is nothing to be embarrassed about," said Salt.

Metro stated that Salt has 580 ponies, along with other My Little Pony stuff. The most expensive of the ponies is the one that costs £290.

Salt said that she found the ponies truly adorable when she was a kid, recalling that she first got one when she was three. 24 years later, she still adores them.

Her collection does not only include toys, but she also collects T-shirts, shampoo bottles, bags, and accessories. She would even go to the extent of buying infant clothing if she finds them too cute.

The woman would not stop there though, because she would often scour the internet to find something worthwhile for a bargain. Estimating her collection, she said that it might be worth around £12,000.

Woman spends £20,000 on My Little Pony. Photo: Pixabay

For those who are wondering if she has plans of stopping herself from collecting these cute items, Salt said she has no plans whatsoever. Every month, she keeps on purchasing three to four items and just adds them to her collection.

For Salt, it would be great to one day have her own pony museum. While she understands that saving for the future is important, she is opting not to do it if it would mean quitting her collection.