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Ukip PPC Mark Taylor tells IBTimes UK that he wants party bosses to look into the rules Reuters

A Ukip parliamentary candidate has called on party leaders to review selection rules after he was controversially de-selected and then re-instated.

Mark Taylor, who will stand in Coventry South at the general election, told IBTimes UK that he didn't fight the party when he was asked to step aside.

But he now wants Ukip to review their selection rules, which allow party bosses to request candidates to pull out.

"I've been working with Coventry Ukip for years. The reason I'm doing this is because I've met so many people in Coventry and listened to their stories and the issues that affect them," he said.

"I simply want to be involved with the party and certain policies that will change people's lives for the better."

The comments come after local media reported that George Hargreaves would be parachuted into the West Midlands seat.

But Ukip denied that the former Christian Party leader would be sent to Coventry.

The constituency is a Labour safe seat and is held by 74-year-old Jim Cunningham, who has a majority of 3,845.

Ukip have no councillors in Coventry but Taylor said they plan to contest all 18 wards at the local elections in May.

The Eurosceptic party issued a statement yesterday (17 February), confirming that Taylor had been reinstated.

"Further to recent press speculation about the Ukip candidacy in Coventry South, I'm delighted to confirm that Mark Taylor is, and indeed was, our PPC for the constituency," said James Carver, Ukip MEP for the West Midlands.

"However, during private negotiations about this seat in recent week, the fact that he stood aside at the request of the party, shows the measures of the man."

The party is consistently scoring around 15% in the national polls ahead of the general election, up from their 3.1% share of the vote in 2010.