A rash of fresh anti-gay slurs by Ukip council candidates has fuelled more fears about extremism within the party tipped for a political breakthrough at the local election polls this week.

Homosexuals have been accused of "being used by the forces of evil" to derail the anti-EU party's progress in a tweet reportedly published by candidate Philip Rose.

Elsewhere, a Ukip candidate said Christian values were under threat from a homosexual 'Pink Mafia', while another election hopeful claimed regular exercise could prevent homosexuality.

The remarks bolster criticism that Ukip is riddled with "fruitcakes loonies and closet racists" as alleged by Prime Minister David Cameron in 2006.

Now members of the organisation's own LGBT wing believe votes could be lost unless the party gets a grip on who can stand for election for Ukip.

Party candidates for upcoming council elections have not vetted as thoroughly as hopefuls for Westminster or the European Parliament, an official admitted.

Ukip LGBT chairman Thomas Booker told IBTimes UK reform is needed. Around 200 Ukip members are connected with the party's LGBT wing,he claimed.

He called on leader Nigel Farage to act strongly against homophobia in party ranks. The candidates in question and Nigel Farage are set to be contacted by Ukip LGBT over the matter, Booker said.

"We think candidates who say these things should have the whip withdrawn from them and future candidates should be properly vetted," he said.

Booker insisted the number of potentially homophobic comments by members represented only around sevenout of a total of more than 1,700 candidates standing for election.

But he admitted reported homophobic comments by Philip Rose, Henry Reilly and John Sullivan left him "angry and disappointed."

"This kind of publicity does us no favours and we really need more candidates from the socially liberal side of the society - that would be good," said Mr Booker.

"We do believe in freedom of speech but are certainly do not want to accommodate people who say LGBT people are sinners or inferior. I think it's extremely important as local elections are the base of any campaign and if we want to get in to Westminster, that is where we must start."

The party is still growing and it is much a party which values freedom of speech which is a fundamental right. However to have such views which are homophobic makes me extremely angry and disappointed."

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