The UK's right-wing eurosceptic UK Independence Party (Ukip) will win a majority of votes in the European Parliament election in May, according to a new ComRes poll.

The opinion poll, commissioned by the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror, puts Ukip in the lead with 30%, two points ahead of Labour, which is on 28%.

The Conservative Party is in third place with 21%, followed by the Liberal Democrats on 8% and the Green Party on 6%.

A victory for Nigel Farage's Ukip Party, which currently has no seats in the UK House of Commons, could mean that the party doubles the 13 seats it won in Brussels in 2009.

The ComRes poll also found that Labour's poll lead for the 2015 UK general election has fallen by 2-3 points, but it is still in the lead at 35%.

Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party is in second place at 32%, followed by Ukip at 16% and the Liberal Democrats at 9%.

Almost one in four respondents (23%) said they expect Ed Miliband to become the next prime minister after the election – up two points since December.

More than one in three (39%) said they think Miliband will not win the election (down one point), while 37% said they do not know.

The poll reveals that trust in the government's ability to improve the economy is growing, with the level of confidence in David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne's abilities to make the right economic decisions at 31% - the highest level in two and a half years.

A recent study published in a new book, Revolt on the Right, found that almost one third of voters in Britain would consider voting for Ukip.

The book, written by Dr Robert Ford at Manchester University and Nottingham University's Dr Matthew Goodwin, found that 30% of British voters identify with two of the three key drivers of Ukip's popularity: euroscepticism, hostility to immigration and disillusionment with mainstream politics.