Kiev kebab
Kiev kebab (NTD Television)

Chefs in Kiev have broken the Ukrainian record for the longest kebab in the country.

The 150.6-metre shish kebab was cooked in the Ukrainian capital and used over 200lb of meat from 80 pigs. The spit was 160m long.

The record-breakers burnt 800kg of charcoal to cook the dish.

Dozens of chefs contributed. One said: "Taste and smell are very good, but the cooking was very complicated."

According to Kiev's NDT Television, the meat was marinated for two days before it was cooked, but the recipe was kept secret.

Ivan Tarasov, a shish kebab lover, told NDT: "The shish kebab is very good. Different sides have different flavours: somewhere it is ruddy, somewhere tasty, somewhere softer."

While the kebab is the longest cooked in the Ukraine, it falls far short of the world record.

The Guinness World Record is held by South Africa, where a kebab measuring over two kilometres was made in 2008.

That took 15,000kg of charcoal, 3,100kg of meat and 33,600 onions.

In June, the record for the world's biggest doner kebab was set by 10 cooks from the Turkish capital of Ankara.

They cooked a doner weighing one tonne, made from seven cows.

(NTD Television)