A Ukrainian mother who was fleeing the war was left with no option but to scribble her family's contact details on her two-year-old daughter Vira's back.

Sasha Makoviy, who was working as an artist in Ukraine before the war broke out, shared a post on Instagram wherein she spoke about her ordeal. She said that she wrote her family's phone numbers, and her daughter Vira's name and age on the child's back in case the family got separated during their journey out of Ukraine.

The family managed to flee to France through Moldova, Romania and Belgium. She posted a photo on Instagram showing the writing on Vira's back after arriving in France.

Upsetting. Ukrainian mothers are writing their family contacts on the bodies of their children in case they get killed and the child survives. Imagine this for a second. Unreal. (via Sasha Makoviy) #Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar pic.twitter.com/oy1wE7te5I

— Josh Benson (@WFLAJosh) April 5, 2022

"In the photo, Vera's back on the first day of the war. I signed it with my trembling hands. But why tell you? You already know what it's like to wake up to the deafening and powerful sounds of explosions that can be heard for tens of kilometres. I was shaking for the first hours like you," she wrote in the caption posted with the picture.

"I signed on Vera in case something happened to us, and someone would pick her up as a survivor. Or it (the child) could be lost... Then even a crazy thought flashed through my mind, 'Why didn't I tattoo her with this information?'" she added.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced people to make hard choices and risk their lives to see their loved ones.

In a similar heart-touching story, a Ukrainian woman risked her life to reach India so she could marry her boyfriend.

The 30-year-old woman called Anna Horodetska decided to leave Kyiv amidst Russian bombings. She managed to first reach Slovakia, then Poland where she had to wait for two weeks before taking a flight from Finland to India.

It was a long & difficult trip. The whole trip took me more than half a month. You get thoroughly exhausted from whatever is going on, you are scared & then you decide that you have to get out.Everybody is tired & emotionally exhausted. Authority was very helpful: Anna Horodetska pic.twitter.com/ql2U8gZGyP

— ANI (@ANI) March 26, 2022

Horodetska got married to her Indian boyfriend Anubhav Bhasin in an intimate ceremony in New Delhi on Sunday with the blessings of their family members. Anna still has plans to return to Kyiv to wrap things up and see her family before she settles down in India, according to a BBC report.

Europe's worst conflict in decades has killed as many as 20,000 people, according to Ukrainian estimates Photo: AFP / Sergei SUPINSKY