Sex doll brothel Scotland Lanarkshire
Faith was was the sole 'employee' of the establishment Craigslist

The UK's first sex doll brothel has ceased trading just two weeks after it opened in a sleepy Scottish village.

The business, Date A Doll, advertised 'alone-time' with its sole 'employee', Faith, for £70 ($100) per hour, according to a Craigslist advert.

Entrepreneur Steven Crawford, 25, ran the X-rated enterprise from his semi-detached home in the village of Eddlewood, South Lanarkshire.

However, Crawford told the Daily Record that he would no longer be opening his doors to punters.

He said: "Unfortunately I have upset a few neighbours... I would still [like to] hire out the doll at an agreed meeting point. Whatever they [customers] are comfortable with.

"I have removed my ads and contact details. I will re-upload them when I can be sure it's legitimate inquiries," he added.

Crawford purchased Faith for £1,800 from a manufacturer in the north of England. His venture followed the opening of sex doll brothels in Paris and Barcelona.

Clients are advised to use condoms when interacting with the life-like creations, although it is not mandatory as the models can be thoroughly cleaned with the right equipment.

"They don't have to use protection, but I will charge if hygiene standards are not met," said Crawford.

Sex doll brothel Scotland Lanarkshire
Villagers in Eddlewood were not impressed (file photo – not site of brothel) Craigslist

The businessman previously admitted to the Record that some may regard his venture as "sleazy", but that he was "just a young guy who wants money and flash cars".

"My doll is called Faith – as in 'Faith I will succeed,'" he said. "The neighbours won't be pleased but I hope that as long as the environment I'm creating is safe and legal, they'll understand.

He added: "I've had in the region of 50 enquiries and my customers were in the 30-40 age bracket."

Asked if he had had sex with Faith, Crawford replied: "Does a chef taste his own food? I thought I'll need to make sure it's all right. Absolutely.

"But I know what it's like now and it's just a needless risk to the product. I don't want her suffering too much wear and tear and for me it's all about the money."

Sex doll brothel Scotland Lanarkshire
An online ad offered an hour with Faith for £70 Craigslist