Apple unveiled its new iPhone X at its keynote on Tuesday complete with facial recognition technology, Face ID, to replace its iconic Home button's fingerprint scanner as a security mechanism. Using the new technology, Apple users can unlock their smartphones simply by looking at their device and having it recognise their face.

"Nothing has ever been simpler, more natural and effortless," Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said. "Face ID is the future of how we unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information."

Schiller said the function has a 1 in 1,000,000 error rate, making it easier for iPhone users to open their phone and harder for any nefarious actor to hack into it.

Game of Thrones fans, however, immediately responded to the announcement with a slew of Arya Stark jokes on Twitter saying it would be quite popular with the faceless killer.

As GoT fans would remember, Arya once trained under Jaqen H'ghar to master the art of taking on the appearance of the people she killed by wearing their faces to carry out her grand plans.

"So are you trying to tell me Arya Stark can unlock anybody's phone," one Twitter user asked. Another mused: "Apple engineers have worked with Arya Stark to ensure Face ID security."

"Apple just became the many-faced god," Beverly Gooden tweeted. "Stole Arya's whole stilo."

arya stark
Apple showed off the iPhone X's new Face ID function and Twitter immediately erupted with a slew of Arya Stark jokes. HBO