After months of rumours and speculation, Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone X - a bezel-less beauty that redefines the look and design of the company's immensely popular smartphone.

Unveiled as Apple's latest "one more thing" at an event held at the Steve Jobs Theatre, the iPhone X (which is pronounced "ten", not "X") followed a night of big reveals, including two other iOS smartphones - the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - a new 4K Apple TV update, and a cellular Apple Watch.

Needless to say, the entire conference was hotly debated on social media. The official hashtag "#AppleEvent" quickly exploded with reactions, especially when it came to the iPhone's radical overhaul.

Pre-orders open for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus this Friday, 15 September, and the handsets go on sale on the 22nd.

Yet judging by the early Twitter chat, the iPhone X pre-order date of 27 October (on sale 3 November) will be a much busier occasion.

For starters, there were many Twitter posts noting how plain the iPhone 8 looked in comparison...

There was also some brief confusion over Apple's naming system, but the mystery seems to have been solved by these social sleuths...

The major talking point however, was undoubtedly the iPhone X's inflated price-tag. Coming in at a whopping $999 in the US - and a cool £999 in the UK - for the base 64GB model, the most expensive iPhone of all time left some shocked, others devastated, and many more resigned to the fact that the accepted price of a smartphone just skyrocketed to a whole new level.

The phone's all-new Face ID security and enhanced front camera also raised a few eyebrows...

You can read more about the iPhone X and everything else Apple announced at the Steve Jobs Theatre here.