Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer weighed in on speculation of Oprah Winfrey's potential presidential run in the 2020 election against President Donald Trump and was promptly roasted for it. On Sunday 8 January, Winfrey delivered an impassioned Golden Globes speech while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award and heralded "a new day is on the horizon".

The internet has since been set ablaze with #Oprah2020 and rampant talk of the media mogul possibly announcing a bid for the White House.

Speaking on "Good Morning Britain," Spicer suggested that Winfrey might face an uphill battle because of her inexperience in politics.

"I think Oprah is an icon in this country and frankly, throughout the world," Spicer said. "She's got a huge following that's really not political and she speaks very powerfully to women at this point in our political discourse and in our society. So, there's no question in mind that she would be a formidable opponent.

"That being said, she doesn't have the political infrastructure. And we've seen this before in our history — where people who have tried to pop in that are not in politics and have had a difficult time adjusting."

Piers Morgan, the show's host and former Celebrity Apprentice winner, immediately shot back in exasperation: "Have you forgotten Donald Trump?"

"Sean, Sean, Sean!" said Morgan. "The current president of the United States had no political experience! Sean! You were his press secretary! Have you forgotten Donald Trump?!"

Spicer immediately attempted to defend his statement saying Trump's election victory "proves there is an appetite for outsiders".

"The question is, was that an anomaly or is that the new norm? And that's all I'm getting at," Spicer said. "I 100% know who I used to work for".

He later said Oprah would be "formidable" should she decide to run for president against Trump.

"She's extremely impressive," Spicer said. "You can't make this stuff up. This would be the clash of titans. Hands down Donald Trump [would win] but I think Oprah would give him a run for his money."

Meanwhile, Twitter honed in Spicer's ironic assertion that her political inexperience could hamper any presidential ambitions and responded with anger, confusion, sarcasm, and of course, memes over his comments.

"Sean Spicer says Oprah does not have the political experience to be president. How ironic is that ? He worked for a guy who is still politically illiterate," one Twitter user wrote.

"At least she's a real 'stable genius'," someone shot back.

"Damn it Sean, isn't your 15 minutes up now?" a user asked.

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