Residents from the Al-Meshlab neighborhood in Raqqa have accused forces backed by the US of opening fire on civilians, according to local media. Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias supported by a US-led coalition – allegedly opened fire on civilians, injuring some of them, on 26 October.

The reasons behind the alleged incident are unclear. Local media said civilians were injured as they demanded to return to their houses in Meshlab. People had gathered on the road leading to the neighborhood and asked forces to let them enter Meshlab, independent local news site Raqqa 24 reported. The website posted on its Facebook page photos and videos of the gathering and people who were injured.

The sound of shots can be heard in the background of one of the videos, posted on Facebook by Raqqa-Reporters Without Borders. A third video shows a man with a shoulder injury.

IBTimes UK was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the videos.

SDF forces took control of Al-Meshlab in June 2017, when a major offensive was launched to recapture Raqqa from the Islamic State (Isis) terror group. The group seized the town in 2014, turning it into the capital of its self-declared Caliphate.

Following months of intense fighting, US-backed forces recaptured Raqqa from Isis, its major stronghold in Syria, in October.

Although it still controls pockets of Syria and Iraq, Isis is progressively losing territories in both countries due to multinational offensives that have led to the recapture of several areas held by the militants.

A civilian in Raqqa shows a shoulder injury he sustained when DSF forces allegedly opened fire on people on 26 October Facebook / Raqqa 24