A baby boy was born to a brain dead woman who was kept alive on life support for nearly two months in Omaha, United States.

Karla Perez, 22, was declared brain-dead early this year after she collapsed at her home in Waterloo.

Perez had complained of a bad headache. Doctor found a brain bleed and determined that she was brain dead.

Angel Perez, who was then just a foetus, was only 22-weeks-old at the time his mother was pronounced brain-dead.

Since he couldn't survive outside the womb, a team of nearly 100 doctors and nurses at the Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha hospital kept his mother alive using life support.

"He's a fighter," said Dr David Minderman speaking of Angel. "His hardest work was before he was born really."

Angel was delivered in April after Perez's condition worsened and she could no longer be kept alive. He was then kept at the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, reported AP News. Perez's organs were also donated.

When delivered by caesarean section, Angel was reportedly just about three pounds, but gained four pounds when he was discharged from the hospital on 9 June.

Angel will be staying with his maternal grandparents in Waterloo, Nebraska.

Speaking of her daughter, Perez's mother, Berta Jimenez, told CBS News in Omaha: "Not only did she stay alive for 54 days after what happened to her, to give her baby life, but she also saved the lives of three other people."