Witch doctor forces Newborn baby to walk
The two-day old baby boy was grabbed by his neck and made to walk by a village witch doctor to cure his fever Still image taken from YouTube

In an extremely disturbing incident, a two-day old baby boy was forced to walk by a village witch doctor in an attempt to cure high fever.

The bizarre incident occurred in a remote village in Morigaon in the north-eastern state of Assam, where a crying newborn was grabbed by his neck by the alleged quack and forced to walk a few steps in order to cure high fever that the child was suffering since birth, NDTV reported.

The baby boy's parents took him to a woman in her 50s, who claimed to be a "witch doctor". However, the horrible treatment only added to the agony of the newborn who was already in pain due to high fever.

The entire ordeal of the baby was recorded by a villager on his mobile phone, which was later shared with the local administration of Morigaon.

The video shows that none of the villagers including the baby's parents and relatives came forward to save him form the horrible treatment.

"He was suffering from fever, but now the baby is healthy. We must overhaul our post natal care system, [I] have directed officials to launch a vigorous campaign," Rakesh Kumar, a senior official in Morigaon told NDTV.

The witch doctor and her accomplice were arrested after the incident, and the baby is now recovering in hospital.

Attention: Graphic video. Viewer discretion in advised.