John Kasich
Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks at a campaign rally at the Lansing Brewing Company on March 8, 2016 in Lansing, Michigan. Getty Images
  • Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders split wins, with Clinton taking Mississippi and Sanders claiming Michigan. Clinton leads Sanders in delegate numbers, 1,219 to 566.
  • Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both earns wins on Tuesday night, with Trump winning Hawaii, Michigan and Mississippi and Cruz taking Idaho. Trump now leads his GOP rivals by a wider margin in delegate numbers. The real estate mogul has 446, followed by Cruz with 347, Rubio with 151 and Kasich with 54.

Live Results Democrats

Michigan (99.2% reporting)

  • Bernie Sanders: 49.9% ★
  • Hillary Clinton: 48.2%

Mississippi (99.9% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 82.6% ★
  • Bernie Sanders: 16.5%

Live Results Republicans

Hawaii (53.3% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 45.2% ★
  • Ted Cruz: 32.1%
  • Marco Rubio: 11.7%
  • John Kasich: 9.5%

Idaho (97% reporting)

  • Ted Cruz: 45.4% ★
  • Donald Trump: 28.1%
  • Marco Rubio: 16.0%
  • John Kasich: 7.5%

Michigan (99.2% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 36.5% ★
  • Ted Cruz: 24.9%
  • John Kasich: 24.3%
  • Marco Rubio: 9.3%

Mississippi (99.9% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 47.3% ★
  • Ted Cruz: 36.3%
  • John Kasich: 8.8%
  • Marco Rubio: 5.1%

★ Winners called by The Associated Press


That's a wrap to our live coverage of the 8 March primaries and caucus. Thanks for joining us and be sure to come back for the latest updates on the 2016 US election!


Donald Trump nabs his final victory of the night in Hawaii! That's three wins for the GOP frontrunner and one win for leading rival Ted Cruz.


Why did Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders do so well in Michigan? Anger and worry. That's what exit polls found. Both candidates' victories were fueled by discontent with the Washington establishment and fear about the economy, reports AP. Whether Democrat or Republican, the candidates' supporters believe the next president should be a political outsider.


How does Hillary Clinton keep the focus off rival Bernie Sanders and his surprise victory in Michigan? By attacking "bluster and bigotry" in her victory speech after winning the Mississippi primary. Clearly, she wasn't talking about a fellow Democrat, but Trump, the man she expects to meet in the general election.

She made the speech in Detroit, Michigan, the state responsible for Sander's upset, which no doubt helped remind Clinton not to get ahead of herself.


Texas Senator Ted Cruz not only won the Idaho primary — but bragging rights as the only one to beat Donald Trump in the latest showdown, bolstering his argument that he's still got the best chance against the GOP front-runner.

Idaho results were pretty much a black hole ahead of the actual tally because of a lack of polling in the state. Cruz got a big boost from an endorsement by Idaho Republican Congressman Raúl Labrador, an influential member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump might have spoken a tad too soon. Trump grabbed big wins in Mississippi and Michigan, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz claimed an upset in Idaho after Trump had this to say:

"He is always saying, 'I am the only one that can beat Donald Trump,'" Trump crowed. "I've heard it so many times, but he never beats me. Take a look. He never beats me."


Ted Cruz wins Idaho primary.


No one is happier about Sanders' win in Michigan than the Vermont senator himself. In a new email to supporters, Sanders called the latest win a "major, game-changing victory". He continued:

Sisters and Brothers -

The results are in and we were just declared the winner in a very important state for our campaign: Michigan. That's a major, game-changing victory for our campaign.

The corporate media counted us out. The pollsters said we were way behind. The Clinton super PACs spent millions against us across the country. We were hit with a dishonest attack in the debate. But we won, again... and if we continue to stand together, we can win this nomination.

One week from today, five large and delegate-rich states vote. Time and time again, your support has enabled us to overcome large deficits and emerge victorious. But you can expect the political establishment to come after us even harder now. The super PACs are going to spend even more. We have to be prepared to fight back.

Make a $3 contribution to our campaign right now, and we're going to keep winning states so that we can win this Democratic primary.

Millions of people have come out to vote for our political revolution. They have donated more than 5 million times to our campaign. And together, we are sending a message to the oligarchy that we are not to be underestimated.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Democratic Debate
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each claimed one victory in the 8 March primaries. Reuters

With over 90% reporting in both Michigan and Mississippi, Democrats Clinton and Sanders each nab one victory tonight. Clinton currently leads with 12 state wins and 1,215 delegates. Sanders has 9 state wins and 566 delegates.


The Michigan primary is finally called...for Bernie Sanders. It was a tight race, but the Vermont senator was ultimately named the victor.


The Democratic race in Michigan may be too close to call, but that's not stopping Sanders—who's currently in the lead—from celebrating. The Vermont senator sent this message to supporters:

Sisters and Brothers - Something amazing is happening in the state of Michigan. With more than 70% of the vote in, the race is too close to call – but we're in the lead. And no matter what happens, this is a great night for our political revolution.

Very few people in the establishment thought this was possible. One poll last week had us losing the state by 25 points. But now it looks like we could win.

Every time the establishment underestimates us. And every time, we come back and show them they're wrong. Let's keep doing it.

Contribute $3 to our campaign now and show the establishment that we can win the Democratic nomination and the White House.

I'm proud to have you with me.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Polls have officially closed in the Idaho Republican primary, where there are 38 delegates at stake. Democrats won't hold their primary in the Gem State until 22 March.


Tonight's biggest loser, Marco Rubio, is clearly not losing hope. Following loses in Michigan and Mississippi, Rubio is looking ahead to his home state of Florida.


Despite the night being long from over for Republicans, Kasich is already considering it a win. The Ohio governor came in second in Michigan and managed to nab some much needed delegates. He's also running third in Mississippi, although he won't likely see delegates there.


Don't let anybody tell you we 'can't make it in America anymore.' We can, we are and we will.

-Hillary Clinton


Wondering just what's going on in Michigan? The good folks at FiveThirtyEight are too. Sanders is currently leading, despite some believing that his opposition to the auto bail out and large black population in Detroit would hurt him.

FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten writes:

I'm looking on the Wayne County clerk's website to try to get an idea of where the vote is being reported from in Wayne County. It seems, at least as of earlier this hour, that Detroit was at 0 percent. The nearly uniformly white areas of Grosse Pointe Shores and Plymouth were at 100 percent. In other words, the percentages coming out of Wayne County right now don't really reflect how black areas are voting.

h/t The Guardian


I really want to close things out. I have not even focused on Hillary yet. Hillary's going to be very easy to beat. She's a flawed candidate, she's a very flawed candidate.

- Donald Trump following wins in Mississippi and Michigan


It looks like Trump is brining out the big guns in tonight's rally. Here he is talking about his (in)famous Trump Stakes.


Days after giving his endorsement, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded this robocall for Kasich in Hawaii.


Trump nabs his second win, claiming victory in Michigan.


Polls have closed in Michigan and it looks to be a solid win for Trump and a very likely win for Sanders. There are 59 delegates at stake for Republicans and 147 delegates up for grabs for Democrats.


Polls in Michigan are set to close in less than 10 minutes. Early results show Trump clearly in the lead among Republican candidates, but the race is very close among the remaining two Democratic candidates. With over 13% reporting, Sanders leads Clinton by just 2 percentage points.


Trump officially wins in Mississippi, with the AP calling the race at 8.41pm EST.

Trump, however, began celebrating his win before the race was officially called by the AP.


Clinton is already celebrating her huge win in Mississippi and is attempting to encourage supporters to donate as part of the celebration.

Hillary Clinton email
Clinton has asked supporters to chip in to her March Victory Fund following her win in Mississippi. Screenshot