Republican debate
Ted Cruz (R) won the Kansas and Maine nominating contests, while Donald Trump emerged victorious in Louisiana and Kentucky Reuters

The GOP race for the US presidential candidature is getting hotter, as Ted Cruz has won the Kansas and Maine nominating contests, while front-runner Donald Trump emerged victorious in Louisiana and Kentucky on 5 March. On the other hand, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton won in Louisiana, but rival Bernie Sanders triumphed in Kansas and Nebraska.

Overall, nomination polls were held in five states on Super Saturday, where Trump and Clinton were hopeful of strengthening their lead in the run-up to the November 8 presidential elections.
Soon after his win in Kansas, Cruz said at a rally at Idaho: "God bless Kansas. The scream you hear, the howl that comes from Washington DC, is utter terror at what we the people are doing together." Nomination polls will be held in Idaho on 8 March.

The Texas Senator credited his win to conservatives supporting him and called it a "manifestation of a real shift in momentum".

However, real estate tycoon, Trump said during a rally at Orlando (prior to Saturday results): "Everyone's trying to figure out how to stop Trump." He is yet to win states by the margins he'll need to secure a nomination before the GOP convention.

On the Democratic side, the US senator from Vermont won by massive margins in Kansas and Nebraska. He has so far won in seven states, while Clinton with 11 wins leads the Democratic race.
Sanders stressed that his wide margins of victory show that his political revolution is coming to pass. "When large numbers of people come – working people, young people who have not been involved in the political process – we will do well and I think that is bearing out tonight," he said.

Nonetheless, Clinton, who was campaigning in Detroit for the upcoming contest in Michigan, said she was thrilled to add to her delegate count, "no matter who wins this Democratic nomination".
"I have not the slightest doubt that on our worst day we will be infinitely better than the Republicans on their best day," Clinton added.

Up next are the Main caucuses (Democratic) on 6 March; Hawaii and Idaho caucuses (Republican) and Idaho primary (Republican) on 8 March, along with Michigan and Mississippi primaries for Democratic and Republican. On 15 March, polls will be held in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio primaries (all Democratic and Republican).