A pro-Trump Hindu group has taken their campaign for the real estate mogul to a different level. With the hashtag #HindusforTrump, a group of Indian-Americans has been promoting the Republican candidate on Twitter under their handle @USAHindus4Trump.

They have even created a poster of Trump sitting in a yoga position on a red, white and blue-coloured lotus, looking to the heavens. The image sports an "Om" symbol – a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in many Eastern religions.

The makers of this poster have depicted the real estate tycoon in a fashion most synonymous with Hindu deities – Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the protector.

In January, a group of Indian-Americans formed a political action committee to support Trump called Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, which has been registered with the federal election commission to raise support and funds.

"On realising that the agenda of Donald J Trump for President 2016 is focused on reviving the American economy, rightly bringing America on the world stage, defeating terrorism and establishing peace through strength; many Indian-Americans believe that he is the best hope for America and the right candidate to be the next president of the United States," the PAC said in a statement.

In the past, other celebrities have been depicted as gods, which has led to protest and lawsuits. Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni is embroiled in a lawsuit with Business Today magazine who portrayed him as Lord Vishnu on its cover for a story about his wealth in 2013. More recently, Fortune magazine apologised after depicting Amazon chief Jeff Bezos as the same deity for its January 2016 issue.

Hindus For Trump have listed a number of reasons for why he would make for a good US president.

Check out the tweets below:

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