Marco Rubio
Speaking in Dallas, Marco Rubio accused Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump of having 'wet pants' during a campaign debate Reuters

Republican presidential nomination frontrunner Donald Trump has been ridiculed by fellow candidate Florida senator Marco Rubio over a series of misspelled messages on the 69-year-old billionaire's official Twitter account. At a campaign event for the senator in Dallas Rubio berated Trump for misspelling the words "lightweight", "choker" and "honor" in Trump's social media tweets.

"Leightweight chocker Marco Rubio looks like a little boy on stage. Not presidential material!" Trump messaged, managing to misspell both "lightweight" and "choker". After Rubio pulled Trump up on the errors, the businessman who is known for using Twitter as a key communication tool to attack his competition quickly corrected the mistakes. However, Trump also managed to misspell both words once again when using the platform to criticise his other rival for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz.

Trump then chose to celebrate what he considered to be his own victory in the latest round of debates between the candidates. He tweeted: "Wow, every poll said I won the event last night, great honer." When it was pointed out, once again, by Rubio that he had misspelt the word "honor" Trump quickly backtracked and changed the spelling in a series of embarrassing exchanges.

Sweaty trousers or wet pants?

As part of his rallying call to the assembled throng in Dallas, Rubio also went on the attack against Trump suggesting that the billionaire had had "wet pants" during the latest Republican debate. Rubio told supporters: "Let me tell you something, during the debate last night he [Trump] went backstage during one of the breaks, two of the breaks – he was having a meltdown. First he had this make-up thing, he was applying make-up around his moustache because he had one of those sweat moustaches.

"Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don't know why because the podium goes up to here," Rubio said, indicating its height to his chest. "Maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet," Rubio speculated. "I don't know."

Rubio had also used an interview on the Today show earlier in the day to attack his main rival. "If he hadn't inherited $200m [£144m], do you know where Donald Trump would be? Selling watches in Manhattan," Rubio said.