The US Surgeon General has issued a health warning that seems more like common sense – he warned pregnant women and children to stay away from marijuana, even if it is legal.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who took over the position in 2017, stated in the advisory: "I, Surgeon General VADM Jerome Adams, am emphasizing the importance of protecting our Nation from the health risks of marijuana use in adolescence and during pregnancy. Recent increases in access to marijuana and in its potency, along with misperceptions of the safety of marijuana endanger our most precious resource, our nation's youth."


It seems that the growing popularity of marijuana throughout the country made the Surgeon General issue the warning. Adams has stated bluntly that marijuana should not be perceived as harmless. He has said, "This isn't your mother's marijuana."

Marijuana-based products contain more THC than they do if it is consumed in its natural state. Since it is now commonly used in edibles such as gummy bears, people are not well-informed about its effects. In fact, they have a delayed onset – you can keep on consuming thinking that the high is not coming and ultimately get stuck with a different feeling than you would like. It affects controlled consumption. This is why marijuana-related emergencies are now becoming common.

While casual use of marijuana doesn't have any lasting effects, chronic, heavy use can definitely affect a person's health. Women who use it in pregnancy are more susceptible to stillbirths, according to American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

While marijuana doesn't have the reputation that it had during the War on Drugs, the US administration needs to walk a thin line on the substance. It doesn't want to seem like it is supporting disinformation about the substance nor does it want to keep the public uninformed about the health risks. This is the reason that such advisories need to be issued.

marijuana seizure
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