Re-elected President of Russia Vladimir Putin starred in an ice hockey game to following his swearing in, scoring a goal for the Russian Amateur team.

Putin, known for his public displays of athletic prowess, was brought on in the final quarter of the game as protestors against his regime clashed with police in Moscow.

Not long after the expensive inauguration ceremony, which marked his third term as Russia's president, Putin threw on the number 11 jersey for his side.

Putin came into the game when the Russia Amateurs were 3:4 down against a veteran squad of Soviet and Russian legends.

However, reporters at the game claimed that the legends' defence feel apart following the inclusion of Putin.

Putin swiftly scored, equalling the scores before assisting Russian saxophonist Igor Butman to make the score 5:4.

The legends equalised again and the referee determined the game had to be settled by means of a penalty shootout.

The Russian President had the decisive penalty which he flicked into the corner of the net, winning the game for his team. The crowd, including former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, roared with excitement and Putin looked especially pleased with his contribution.

Putin has previously shown off his athletic abilities and frequently mentions his enjoyment for a number of sports including judo, karate and badminton.