Valeria Lukyanova, an Ukrainian model who turned herself into a real life Barbie, tasted fame over night, turning into an Internet sensation with followers flocking to social networking sites and YouTube channels to see the "real" her.

Valeria's icy-blue eyes, doll-like features, long blonde hair and sleek body conspired to make her look like a real-life Barbie and often had people asking - was she real or just a life-sized doll. Either way, mixed reactions followed - do we really adore doll- girls or natural beauty?

Her inspiration - the range of Barbie dolls - is something that is globally adored and popular. So much so that there is a long and impressive line of celebrities who have Barbie dolls made in their honour.

The iconic and late Hollywood glamour icon Elizabeth Taylor, in her role as Cleopatra with that magnificent golden costume, is one example of a celebrity being turned into a Barbie doll. Taylor's luxurious gown with a "feather" cloak that surrounded her like the wings of a bird and the headdress which featured a cobra and a sun disk enclosed in horns identified her with the Goddess Isis. The Cleopatra doll has every inch the charm and power of the character played by Taylor. The fine glitter eye shadow and heavy kohl liner matches the exact shade of violet she used.

There was also that famous scene in "The Seven Year Itch" when Marilyn Monroe stood above a grill in New York as the subway rushed by below, sending up a gust of wind that caused her white gown to fly up revealing her legs. The Barbie doll that honours the scene wears the same white halter dress with crystal pleating and beautiful faux pearl earrings.

Katy Perry's doll was inspired by her scrumptious cupcake dress. The stunning look-alike doll has bright blue hair, sparkling pink shoes and a cupcake dress that has 70 hand-painted mini cupcakes on it, as well as fishnet stockings dotted with shimmering Swarovski crystals. The singer, in fact, teamed up with Mattel, to have this one-of-a-kind doll resembling her and auctioned it off. The proceeds went to Project Angel Food.

Lady Gaga has also inspired Barbies - with numerous styles. A Hello Kitty outfit, for example, stuffed with soft toys, was worn by the singer for a photo shoot for the brand. Finally, Nicki Minaj who is famous for her wardrobe and style statements, had her Barbie sporting pink lipstick, cotton-candy pink hair and even the tattoo on her left arm. The doll's outfit was inspired from her Pink Friday Album.