A Fife schoolgirl has been sentenced for selling Valium to fellow pupils in the playground during school hours.

Lauren Wilson, 17, from Methill, was caught by teachers with a pocketful of the tablets after students at Buckhaven High School, Leven, reported she was selling the class C drug on school grounds.

Under Scottish law, defendants over the age of 16 can be named.

Wilson was sentenced to 120 hours' community service at Kirkaldy sheriffs court after admitting supplying diazepam, which is marketed as Valium.

Sheriff James Williamson said: "This is a particularly serious offence. What makes it even more serious is the location - at the school.

"She doesn't strike me as being very intelligent."

Depute fiscal (prosecutor) Brent Bisset said: "They asked if she had sold any and she said she had sold one or two. "They also asked who she sold them to.

"When asked about it she replied, 'I know what I did was stupid'."

Police were called after students reported that she had attempted to sell them the drug.

Defending, Dewar Spence told the court that Wilson was experiencing difficulties after becoming involved with a pupil believed to be involved with the supply of drugs.

Spence said: "They knew who her boyfriend was and thought they could obtain the drugs from her boyfriend by approaching her.

"She didn't realise it was so serious."

Williamson told Wilson he would be lenient because of her naivete. "Normally in these circumstances you would have been facing a custodial sentence

"There are a number of factors which persuade me not to do that.

"The report indicates your naivete and you were approached by others at the school, so in effect your involvement was less sinister.

"Against that background I'm prepared to deal with it on a non-custodial basis."