Tape restores voice
Vicky Hamilton went missing in 1991. Her remains were found in Peter Tobin's garden in 2007 Release

The father of a teenage girl murdered more than 20 years ago has been given a tape recording of her laughing and singing.

Vicky Hamilton, 15, was murdered by serial killer Peter Tobin in 1991 after disappearing in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Her remains were not found until 2007, in the garden of Tobin's home in Margate, Kent. Tobin was convicted through forensic evidence including fingerprints on her purse, which was recently returned to her father, Mike.

Inside the purse he found jewellery, photographs and a cassette tape on which Vicky is recorded revising for exams, laughing and singing.

"It's like having Vicky back in the room again," Hamilton told the Sun.

"To most people those items wouldn't mean much but they're all that I have left."

Tobin, a serial murderer and sex offender, remains in prison after being convicted of the murders of Angelika Kluk in Galsgow, Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol.