Victoria's Secret CEO Leslie Wexner has accused his finance advisor Jeffrey Epstein for stealing "vast sum" from his share of the money. The billionaire said that Jeffrey has "misappropriated" $46 million of his personal fortune, according to reports.

The chief executive of L Brands said that the money went missing a decade ago when he thought of serving ties with Epstein in 2007. Wexner began to cut ties with his financer since 2006 when he was charged with child sexual abuse, as told to the Wall Street Journal.

The $46 million investment fraud is associated with Wexner's charitable trust which was handled by Epstein, Wexner wrote to the Wall Street Journal. In an interview with the Guardian, he said that Epstein has returned only a portion of the entire amount. It is unknown if he notified authorities about the loss.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2011: Super Angels Collection
Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2011: Super Angels Collection Reuters

Epstein was hired by Wexner in 1991 and was given huge monetary responsibility involving tax affairs and investments. The Guardian reported that in a message to the L Brands employees last month, Wexner admitted that he wasn't aware of the criminal acts and he would "not have continued to work with any individual capable of such egregious, sickening behaviour".

Epstein had pleaded not guilty in the sex trafficking charges in New York last month; however, he is still in detention and denied bail on those charges. He was also sent to 18-month sentence for solicitation of prostitution concerning underage victims. It was a part of 2008 controversial nonprosecution plea deal in Miami.