Russian biker girl

Here is a more direct, simple and slightly crazy method of giving people a dose of their own medicine (or in this case, trash!).

A recently uploaded video showing a woman on a bike catching litter-mongers and chucking their trash back at them, seems to have gone viral. The video nicely circles the dropped garbage on the street and shows her confronting the litterers.

"A woman, presumably in Russia since the YouTube text is in Russian, rides around on her motorbike with a helmet cam, catching people littering from their cars. Once she sees them throw trash onto the street, she drives up and chucks it back into their vehicle. It's amazing. Why has no one else started this movement?" states a SocialNewsDaily report.

It is however unclear if the video is scripted, a publicity stunt or the woman really is THAT determined about teaching litterers a lesson.

Posted to YouTube on 15 September, the video has gained over 4,600,000 views.

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