hibernation pygmy possum
A possum was caught on camera munching on saplings by Yvonne McRostie at the Carseldine store Gerhard Koertner

The videos of a common brushtail possum feasting on potted lettuce seedlings and strawberries that were on display have gone viral. The animal, which was caught on camera by Yvonne McRostie last week wandering into a Brisbane Bunnings nursery department store, was most likely looking for a source of water, according to experts.

On Sunday (3 September), the critter was again seen snacking on a strawberry plant. The possum was happily munching away until it realized it is being filmed by a local resident Amanda Mac, according to the Daily Mail.

McRostie told ABC that, "I couldn't believe it happened in the middle of the day, I've never seen a possum in the middle of the day." She said that the staff member later shooed the animal away.

"It looks like it was a regular occurrence there, it went into the wall of pots and went up there."

It is not an unusual occurrence to get animal visitor said a Bunnings spokeswoman. They usually find their way back out without causing much trouble.

"From time to time our stores encounter visits from wildlife, including possums," she added.

"Typically they leave on their own accord, however in situations where the safety of our customers and team or the animal may be compromised we contact the relevant authority to safely remove the animal from the store."

The first video was posted on the ABC Facebook page on Friday (1 September) and it received mixed feelings about the possum's antics.

"Made my day watching this. What a cutie!" a Facebook user commented while the other said, "Who needs sausages when you have super fresh greens?"

One user suggested that the little creature's big appetite might come in handy, asking "Does he eat weeds and come with a leash?"

One user commented saying, "Shows what a pest they are with their voracious appetite."