wrong number prank viral hoax
Mysterious text from wrong number sends Twitter up in laughter. iStock

Twitter users were having a laugh at the expense of an angry mum, or so they thought, after a hilarious text was sent to the wrong person in which it appeared to allude to suburban strife caused by the mysterious actions of a person called 'Brittney'.

While intended for an individual called 'Christi' it landed in the inbox of bemused recipient Noah Paul – a 15-year-old from Oklahoma, US – who shared it on Twitter where it clearly hit the funny bone of social media users as it gained over half a million likes within a day.

The erroneous text from a woman called 'Helen' claimed that "if Brittney EVER pulls another stunt like that against my precious Caitlin again, you WILL be banned from the cul-de-sac barbecue" and signed it off with 'hugs and kisses'.

Speculators couldn't help guessing what 'despicable actions' had occurred with a thread forming of thousands of comments, memes and over 120,000 retweets seeking answers. It took Noah three hours to update his audience who were waiting in anticipation.

It read: "Brittney WILL be held accountable for keying the words "whore lol" into Caitlin's Mini Cooper" and threatened to involve the authorities if she did not receive an apology within the next 24 hours.

It seemed the case was solved, until Noah received another twist to this comical case of crossed-wires. The texts turned out to be too good to be true and actually came from a group of Noah's friends who were playing a prank on him, fooling him and hundreds of thousands of social media users hook, line and sinker.

"The night before I went to a football game and I made a bunch of new friends," Noah told Buzzfeed. "I found out those friends gave another friend of mine my cell phone number without my knowledge."

Noah was forced to defend himself against duped internet users by explaining he did not know the number or that it was someone associated with his new group of friends. He may have been the butt of jokes to his practical joker friends but Noah has the last laugh after amassing overnight internet fame from the prank.