Autumn Statement 2016: air travel
Virgin Atlantic wants to jazz up the cabin experience by introducing Love Suites on its business class flights iStock

Virgin Atlantic plans to shake up the in-flight experience by introducing Love Suites on its business class flights between Britain and the US.

The carrier, founded by billionaire Richard Branson, has refurbished four Airbus A3300-200 jets that will now come equipped with three new types of seating configurations: Love Suites, Solo Freedom Suites and Solo Corner Suites.

The Love Suites are the first three sets of paired seats at the front of the plane, and are "ideal for dual dining, watching movies together or even catching up on work", the airline stated.

The Solo Freedom Suite is described as a seat for the single traveller who wants to "unwind and stretch out" while having easy access to the aisle.

Finally, a Solo Corner Suite, is a window seat with "a great view" sheltered at the back and to the side of the cabin for passengers who want a little privacy.

Branson's various enterprises have a penchant for outlandish and colourful marketing, and Virgin came up with the idea after leasing four planes from rival Air Berlin, which went bust last year.

The business class sections of the planes have different seating arrangements to Virgin's usual aircraft, but the carrier decided to convert it into something unique.

The airline has also renamed the four planes Scarlett O'Hara, Honky Tonk Woman, Daydream Believer and Strawberry Fields.

The new planes make their Virgin debut in March covering routes between Manchester to New York, Boston, San Francisco as well as Barbados.

Virgin Atlantic has released a timelapse video showing the A330s' transition from its old Air Berlin livery to its new look.

A number of other carriers such as Britain's EasyJet, Germany's Lufthansa and Malaysia Airline have taken advantage of Air Berlin's bankruptcy to pick up extra aircraft.