Vladimir Putin is expected to regain the presidency
Vladimir Putin is expected to regain the presidency. (Reuters) Reuters

Ukrainian security services have confirmed that two people have been arrested for planning to kill Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, according to a Russian news agency.

The suspects were detained in the Ukrainian port of Odessa for allegedly plotting to assassinate Putin, Russia's state-owned Channel One TV reported.

The arrests follow an explosion at a flat in January, in which one person died. The latest attack was due to take place after the presidential vote on 4 March. Putin is standing unopposed.

The plotters had reportedly been working for a group that wants to create an Islamic state in Russia's North Caucasus and had planned to travel to Moscow to assassinate Putin.

The plotters, who One TV named as Ilya Pyanzin and Adam Osmayev, had planned to plant mines on Kutuzovsky Avenue in Moscow, which is used by Mr Putin on a daily basis, the report said.

The Russian prime minister's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the report without further elaboration.